Coming of Age

As I was surfing around looking for information on Pagan coming-of-age rituals, I started thinking about how important they are. And also how this idea has been lost in mainstream society.

The whole idea of being a ‘teenager’ has only been around for a couple of decades. In the past, you were a child up to a certain point, and then you were an adult. Pretty simple, and much easier to grasp your own place in the world as you were growing up. But things are different today, and not for the better, if you ask me. Continue reading “Coming of Age”

How to Organize a Pagan Moot

If you made a New Year’s resolution this year to get out there in the Pagan community and be more social, you might want to think about creating your own gathering.

The somewhat traditional term for a social gathering of Pagans is a “moot“, though other terms are also used. They’re typically monthly, social, get-togethers of Wiccans and Pagans who like to just sit and chat with folks of related beliefs. Even people who practice their religion in a solitary manner enjoy a chance to get to known new people. Continue reading “How to Organize a Pagan Moot”