How to Read a Pendulum

When a person thinks about divination, or fortune-telling, they usually think of Tarot cards. Though reading the Tarot is one of the more popular forms of divination, it’s certainly not the only one. For anyone thinking of trying divination, the Tarot may seem a little intimidating. There are 78 cards to learn, not to mention the various ways of spreading them out.

How about trying the pendulum?

The basics of doing pendulum divination

You can’t get much simpler than a small weight (called a bob) on the end of a chain or cord. It does take a bit of practice, and some natural intuition helps too. You can use an actual pendulum, or fashion something yourself with a pendant, crystal, seashell or even an acorn on a string. As long as it hangs relatively straight. Some people have preferences as to what material is used, but your pendulum can be brass, wood, glass, or just about anything.

The way to read a pendulum varies from person to person. You basically hold the chain, and let the pendulum hang down. Wait until it is still, and ask your question. Try to keep your arm still, but if you fight the natural movements too much, you will find the pendulum will not respond at all. How the bob swings, reveals your answer. Now here is the tricky part: learning how to read the swinging bob.

The best way to learn your pendulum’s movements, is to practice by asking questions you know the answers to. Or ask questions that you don’t know, but can quickly find out. Remember, it’s not perfect and won’t give an exact answer every time, especially if you are just learning. The variations of swings could be: up and down, side to side, circular clockwise or counter-clockwise. You need to determine which way is yes, and which way is no. You may find that up/down is yes, but side to side is no. Or your pendulum may prefer a circular motion.

Once you are familiar with your pendulum, use it often to develop your intuition when reading with it. It can be a helpful tool to test and improve your psychic abilities.