How to Make Tinctures

Tinctures are suitable for extracting plant and herb essences that do not infuse well through water and heat. Roots and woody parts are commonly used in tincture format. Tinctures are highly concentrated , so making up a batch should last you a long time.

You can use tinctures during rituals and witchcraft spells, anytime that you would use oil. Any mix of herbs will do, depending on your purpose for the tincture. Because of the alcohol content, you might want to be careful around candles, though.

What you need:

  • 1oz of dried herb or 1/2 oz fresh herb
  • A clean glass jar with tight lid
  • Vodka (100 proof is best, 80 proof will do)

Place the herbs in the jar. Pour Vodka over the herbs until you have 2 inches more Vodka than herbs. (this is how I do it) Close the lid tightly, shake bottle and label with name of tincture and the date. Keep the jar in a cool, dark place for 1 month. For stronger tinctures, leave for 3 months.

I always start my tinctures on the New Moon. I find they are generally stronger if done this way. When your tincture is ready to be strained, grab some cheese cloth and a clean dark bottle (preferably with a dropper) and a small funnel.

Place the cheesecloth in the funnel and slowly pour out all of the tincture mix. Once all the herbs is in the funnel, grab the cheesecloth and form a ball. Squeeze out all excess tincture from this ball. Place lid on bottle and label. Store in cool dark place. Keeps for 2 years.

Once you have your herbal tinctures made up, you can use them to annoint tools or even your own skin when you need some herbal energy during your spells.

Just because Vodka is safe to consume, don’t assume any herbal ¬†mixtures you make can be used internally.