Arcane Alphabets

Most people are familiar with the runic alphabet, but there are several other alphabets or scripts that are associated with magickal or spiritual practices.

An example of an arcane Pagan alphabet, Enochian

The following pages show these alphabets in their entirety with their corresponding English letters. Keep in mind that these scripts have been given English counterparts based on the sounds of each letter, not necessarily because there is any connection between an ancient language and modern English.

In other words, writing an English word in runes isn’t the same as writing as the ancient Norse did. Some alphabets are missing English letters because there is no corresponding symbols.

theban alphabet for pagans

Theban script was created by Honorius in the 12th century as a way to encode other writing (likely Latin at the time). This alphabet is also sometimes called the Runes of Honorius, or the Witch’s Alphabet because it’s been adopted by many modern-day witches.

angelic or enochian alphabet for pagans

Enochian is also referred to as Angelic Script and is used in ceremonial magick when working with Angelic beings, particularly in the calls used to summon them. Legend has it that the magicians Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee were given this language by an angel. Enochian script is properly written from right to left.

ogham alphabet for pagans

The Ogham is an alphabet used by the Druids, and each letter corresponds to a sacred tree. This script was most often used when marking an inscription into a branch or on a stone. It is written either vertically or horizontally.

rune alphabet
Norse Runes

Probably the best known of all ancient alphabets, runes are usually associated with divination, much like the Tarot. The alphabet is called the Futhark, which is what is spelled with the first 6 letters. Runic writings have been found throughout northern Europe and date mostly around the 11th century AD.

atlantean alphabet
Disney Atlantean

Ok, I added this one purely for fun. This script was created for the Disney animated movie “Atlantis” and is not based on any historical evidence about the mythical city or civilization. It’s a neat looking script anyway. I was going to add elvish too, but it doesn’t correspond very well to standard English letters.

Why bother learning old scripts if you don’t know the language behind them? Well, these days, many Pagans use these letters when writing and it can come in handy that you are able to read them.

If nothing else, you can jazz up your Book of Shadows and keep your writings secret (unless you live with other people who can read this stuff).