Akashic Records

by Terri Wilson

The Akashic records are a repository of information that exists in the astral realm. It is a complete and thorough record of everything that has ever occured, including the thoughts and feelings of every individual, all through time. Curious?

what are the akashic records
So much potential knowledge is stored in the astral Akashic Records

These records are typically found through meditation, astral journeying, dream work or other such techniques. A spirit guide will be able to assist you. Once you are able to access your records, you may not need any assistance to return to them, but only your own experience level can determine this.

Once you have accessed the Akashic records, what you will see differs from person to person. It may be presented as a library of books, one single book, images on a television or movie screen, or perhaps even on a computer. How you interact with the records is a personal matter.

The benefits of being able to access this kind of information goes beyond the immediate thrill of seeing your past lives laid out before you. One of the greatest advantages of such a history, is to help you learn about yourself. By finding patterns of behaviour that have plagued you through your past lives, you can make the effort to change them, thereby improving your future and your present.

Many say that you are only able to view the records from your own life, but others say it’s possible to see records of others if they have a direct influence on your life. If you do find yourself permitted to see records from other people, do not abuse that privilege. Be nosy, and you may find yourself unable to read your own records any longer.

If you are interested in finding your own Akashic records, I suggest starting with the basics of meditation and astral projection. The Akashic records is an astral destination that will only be accessed by those somewhat familiar with the astral realm.

The word “Akasha” comes from Sanskrit, and means “primary substance” or “ether”.